Wednesday, 27 January 2016


For those of you who do not yet know about this, below is the first Kantref album "Currents", we had a grand time making this, and hope you enjoy listening to it.

Available from for £10 + p&p

1. Eastern Bourrée
Les Trois Canards (B. Blanc)
/ L’Orientale (M. Baudimant)/
En Passant la Rivière (trad. adapt.)
2. Baguetted (A. Davies)
3. Suite Plinn (trad.)
3.Ton Simple
5.Ton Double
6. Kendo (K. Humphreys)
7. Hanter Dro (trad. / trad./
Kitterkins (G. Liles)
8. Ridée Six Temps  (trad.)
9. Oliver’s Nose (P. Damsell)
10. Sweet Osmanthus (A. Davies)
11. Bourrées
Bourrée à Antonin Chabrier (trad.) /
Bourrée (trad.) / Payne in d’Ars
(K. Humphreys)
12. Ana Allen Just Signed In
(G. Hardy)
13. Currents (K. Humphreys)
14. Suite Loudeac (trad.)
14. Rond 1
15. Bal
16. Rond 2
17. Riquenée
18. Laridés Huit Temps (trad.)

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