Monday 7 November 2016

Shrewsbury French and Breton dance day

Saturday 3rd December 2016, 3pm – 10.30pm.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, SY2 6AH

Wednesday 27 January 2016


For those of you who do not yet know about this, below is the first Kantref album "Currents", we had a grand time making this, and hope you enjoy listening to it.

Available from for £10 + p&p

1. Eastern Bourrée
Les Trois Canards (B. Blanc)
/ L’Orientale (M. Baudimant)/
En Passant la Rivière (trad. adapt.)
2. Baguetted (A. Davies)
3. Suite Plinn (trad.)
3.Ton Simple
5.Ton Double
6. Kendo (K. Humphreys)
7. Hanter Dro (trad. / trad./
Kitterkins (G. Liles)
8. Ridée Six Temps  (trad.)
9. Oliver’s Nose (P. Damsell)
10. Sweet Osmanthus (A. Davies)
11. Bourrées
Bourrée à Antonin Chabrier (trad.) /
Bourrée (trad.) / Payne in d’Ars
(K. Humphreys)
12. Ana Allen Just Signed In
(G. Hardy)
13. Currents (K. Humphreys)
14. Suite Loudeac (trad.)
14. Rond 1
15. Bal
16. Rond 2
17. Riquenée
18. Laridés Huit Temps (trad.)

Monday 11 January 2016

Upcoming Gigs

5th March 2016 Cwlwm Celtaidd, Porthcawl
26th March 2016 - Dansezfrancais, Brighton
1st April 2016 - Pentreffest, St Fagins, Cardiff
23rd April 2016 - French dance Stroud, Horsley
14th May 2016 - Private Party
10th June 2016 - Gower folk festival